OPTT is a virtual clinic platform for clinicians to provide online cognitive behavioural therapy techniques on a flexible time schedule for both patient and clinician. The platform supports a wide variety of tests, exercises, and other therapy material in user-friendly online format.

With over 3 billion people online using a variety of devices, OPTT decreases the treatment gap by providing a platform for delivering online psychiatric treatment. As such, we will overcome geographical and cultural barriers while making mental health care more affordable by lowering cost overheads, and more accessible with the flexible timing it provides. This motivated us to design and implement an online platform through which clinicians could securely engage with patients with all the pertinent information safely stored for future reference.


  • Intra/Inter-institute collaborations

    Resources are shared within or amongst institutes. This platform could be used for collaborative multi-central studies which could provide a breakthrough in our understanding of mental health problems and devising new treatments for them.

  • Research analytics toolbox

    The system is equipped with flexible and in-depth data collection capabilities and intuitive search apparatus providing the potential for researchers to easily study diseases and the efficacy of different treatment methods.

  • Comprehensive activity logs

    As it is required, all activities are logged efficiently to avoid confidentiality breaches. The users can go through the activity log to identify any unauthorized access.

  • Flexible patient billing

    The system keeps track of the time each clinician spends on patient and platform interactions to be used for billing purposes as required.


  • Pre-established modules based on CBT research

    The application provides you with well-researched CBT e-courses to help the patient learn more about the field.

  • Narration and playback system

    The CBT modules are well equipped with narration and playback system that will narrate the content for you, making it more convenient for you to go through the entire content quickly and efficiently.

  • Control of interaction flow with scheduled data release

    To improve the efficiency of the delivery of the courses, the clinician can control the schedule and the accessibility of the e-courses by the patient. This enables the patient to get a timely access to the courses.

  • Secured data storage

    All interactions between clinicians and patients are secured and authenticated, making it safer for both the clinician and patient to communicate effectively.


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