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OPTT provides your team with all the tools you need to build an affordable, modern, and smart online mental health clinic.

OPTT Solution

Empowering you with smart and efficient tools, and training resources to do what you do best;
delivering superb care to your clients.


We are the only online mental health platform with OpenAPI library. Our REST APIs seamlessly integrate with the tools your team uses everyday. We’ll do the work, so you don’t have to.

Superior Materials

OPTT is designed by the pioneers of online CBT in Canada. Our therapy modules have been developed and perfected over 12 years of research and validated through five clinical trials, with more on- going and soon to start studies in line.

Continuous and Collaborative Care

Incorporating a collaborative strategy, OPTT allows a team of specialists at an institute to work in tandem with patients’ primary care providers to develop and deliver a comprehensive, sustainable and long-term care plan for mental health problems.  

Why Us

A way to do therapy by connecting tools, training materials and resources to help you do your job.

Data insights

OPTT is equipped with flexible and in-depth data collection capabilities, topped with AI assisted data processing and intuitive analytical reports for care givers and decision makers. Through OPTT we aim to transform the lengthy, cumbersome and expensive psychotherapy process into a turn-key operation which would lower the costs and make therapy available to many more patients in need with individualized feedback.

Scientifically tested

OPTT is designed by the pioneers of online CBT in Canada. Our therapy modules have been developed and perfected over the last 12 years of research and were validated through five clinical trials with more studies ongoing.  Our platform shows improved patient compliance and superior clinical results.


OPTT platform can be fully customized to meet the needs of its user organizations.  Examples include customization or creation of exclusive content to better meet the cultural and language needs of the communities (i.e. First Nations or LGBT); customization of features such as web tools, notifications and chat channels for patients or caregivers; and  marketing customization and integration options such as white-labeling.

Patient privacy and data security is our priority.

OPTT solution is fully compliant with the privacy laws including the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA), as well as the Regulations and the Freedom of Information Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA). Patient Data is optimally safe and secure.

Why it matters

Mental Health services are expensive, inaccessible, and outdated. OPTT enables your team to offer services that are:

Safe and Stigma Free

OPTT provides a safe, secure and caring environment that allows the clients to be at ease while caregivers provide endless support in a friendly setting.


Four times more efficient therapy, means 4 times saving in therapy cost for the clients. Our intuitive platform is user-friendly and constantly improving.


Using our proprietary evidenced-based interactive therapy modules, we are shortening the time a caregiver team spends to provide personalized feedback to their clients.

Built by a Team of Industry Experts

Our team is comprised of industry experts in iCBT, neuroscience, data and software who ensure only the most clinically efficacious tools and content are available on our platform.

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Read our Founders’ Book on  Online CBT

This book aims to provide the clinicians with details of online  cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to facilitate care delivery for  patients struggling with depression and anxiety. Chapters cover some of  the most fundamental concepts for successful treatment, including  experiments, action plans evidence, and the guidelines for managing,  thoughts, feelings, and other key concerns.

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