About Us

At OPTT, we make it our mission to provide the best IT tools, evidence-based therapy modules and training to enable you to deliver the best mental care possible.  We connect you to your patients and colleagues,  keep your data safe and secure,  provide you with exceptional features, and customize yours and your patients’ experience so you know you are getting the most out of each session.

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Our principles

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Clinical Dignity

Our team is composed of industry experts and pioneers of clinical I-CBT .  As a result, our platform is one of a kind with unparalleled and unique clinical merit , science -based material and clinical support.

Patient-centered Care

We focus on creating tools that support the patients and enhance their therapy experience and health outcome.

Privacy and Security

Your data is yours and we make sure we protect it  in a way  that  you would take care of your data and give you access to it. Our platform is built on the most secure storage space.  It is  one of our priorities that we maintain a safe, secure and stigma-free environment to protect our caregivers and patients alike.

Our awards

Winner Alumni-Award

Third Psychiatry Innovation Lab Award American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting 2018

Youth Mental Health Challenge

Winner of the Youth Mental Health Challenge in 2022. Sponsored by World Economic Forum, Salesforce, and UNICEF.

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