The Story of A Modern Mental Health Clinic Birth


When a group of young doctors and engineers gather for a barbeque, there is always a chance that a couple of engineers' minds get blown by the description of obsolete approaches in modern-day healthcare practice. Then they start to generate big ideas to solve these issues, and their doctors' friend reminds them that providing a health service is not that easy and a new service should consider multiple factors in treating the patients and should address different layers of administration and bureaucracy.  

Our story began the same way, our cofounders a psychiatrist, a scientist, and an engineer tried to solve the issue of Mental Health accessibility in Canada during a barbeque party on a beautiful fall night in Kingston.

Dr. Alavi describer how receiving Mental Health services in Canada is expensive, lengthy and not evident based and she has been successful in assisting more patients by using emails and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy(CBT) modules that she has developed through her researches. That's when our engineer and scientist founders mind light bulbs turned on.

They came up with the idea of a platform for online psychotherapy clinic which has all analytical tools that are missing from current practice and convenient of an online platform to communicate with the patients and other team members. And that's when OPTT born, a platform for online psychotherapy clinic with efficiency, affordability, and effectiveness in its DNA.