Nazanin Alavi.png

Nazanin Alavi

Dr. Alavi, is one of the pioneers of online CBT, and OPTT’s proprietary therapy modules are designed based on the outcomes of her research and are validated through more than 5 clinical trials. Dr. Alavi was recruited to Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) at University of Toronto for her expertise in this field. Her extensive knowledge about online CBT gives OPTT the cutting edge to remain in the forefront of the field and ahead of the competitors.


Mohsen Omrani.png

Mohsen Omrani

Dr. Mohsen Omrani is a medical doctor and also has a PhD in neuroscience. He has extensive background in clinical and basic science research. He is passionate to combine his expertise in medicine, neuroscience, and consumer electronics and applications to bridge the gap between the clinical and technology worlds.

Shahram Yousefi.png

Shahram Yousefi

Dr. Shahram Yousefi, has a PhD in electrical engineering and is a professor at Queen’s university. He has extensive research background in cloud systems, big data, machine learning, and algorithms which gives OPTT the technological advantage to remain innovative and ground breaking.


Saeed Zeinali

Saeed is a healthcare entrepreneur and a mental health advocate. He entered the industry by founding TranQool, Canada's leading virtual mental health platforms in 2015. TranQool was acquired by HumanaCare in 2018. Saeed utilizes his expertise in Canadian Digital Health market to help OPTT team in business development and customer success.